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Dr. Kimberley Bell is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who helps people suffering with dizziness, vertigo and imbalance through direct patient care through private consultations and educational resources. She offers a free e-mail newsletter, informational blogs, helpful videos and multi-media online courses.

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Flying With Vertigo: Helpful Tips

Are you looking for tips to help flying with vertigo? I have patients travel to San Diego for vertigo treatment from all over the USA and foreign countries, so I frequently offer guidance on flying with vertigo. This is the mental checklist I run through, but not all...

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5 Reasons To Seek Professional Vertigo Care

Last time, I provided you with 7 good reasons why it is important to seek professional vertigo care when you are experiencing symptoms of Vertigo. In this blog, I explain five more good reasons: 1. Finances We all have financial responsibilities within our social...

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Dr. Bell is here for you.

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