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Dr. Bell is here to Help!

Dr. Kimberley Bell is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who helps people suffering with dizziness, vertigo and imbalance through direct patient care through private consultations and educational resources. She offers a free e-mail newsletter, informational blogs, helpful videos and multi-media online courses.

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Why You Get Dizzy

Every wonder why you get dizzy? First off, dizziness can be mild, moderate or severe. Dizziness can be constant, or it can come and go. Dizziness can last for seconds, to minutes, to hours, to days, and even weeks, months or years. Tracking your symptom onset,...

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Medications for Dizziness and Vertigo

Many people take medications for dizziness and vertigo. They can be very helpful in some situations, but may not be necessary long term for patients who can resolve the cause of their dizziness. The most important thing for people who feel dizzy is to seek appropriate...

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The Difference between Dizziness and Dysequilibrium?

A lot of times, my patients ask me what is the difference between dizziness and dysequilibrium. Although they are similar, there are a few differences. The Difference Between Dizziness and Dysequilibrium? Dizziness “Dizziness” is a vague term commonly used by patients...

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Got Vertigo?

Dr. Bell is here for you.

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