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Dr. Kimberley Bell is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who helps people suffering with dizziness, vertigo and balance problems through direct patient care, private consultations and educational resources. She offers a free e-mail newsletter, informational blogs, helpful videos and multi-media online courses.

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Have Symptoms Of BPPV? What To Do

Have Symptoms of BPPV? What to Do It is very important to act as soon as possible if you feel like you have symptoms of BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo). There are a few different steps that someone can take to get themselves the care that they need if they...

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How To Maintain Balance and Mobility

If you are looking to maintain balance and mobility, the main thing to remember is -- move it or lose it. It’s pretty simple, right? A lot of people think that when they retire they are just going to be sedentary and relax. In contrast, if you are retired, I would...

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What Is BPPV: A Talk with Dr. Kim Bell, DPT

Many people ask me, what is BPPV? They also want to know what symptoms are common with this vestibular disorder. The B in BPPV stands for Benign, which means it is not a disease or a pathology. However, the secondary effects of unresolved BPPV can be very serious,...

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